The Kate Spade design aesthetic is one that I have always loved.
My heart broke when this icon lost her battle with depression.  What a tragedy.

The other day I was at HomeGoods.

I was thrilled to find this pack of 4 wonderful brightly patterned cloth napkins with her label.

Here is something Kate Spade that I can afford!!!

I knew that this cheerful pattern called “Flower Box” would make great summer pillows for the living room.

Since these pillows will be seasonal, I decided to make removable covers for existing pillows.

It is also nice that they are removable because the pattern has a bright white background that could get dirty.

I am not going to bore you with instructions on how to make a pillow cover.
You can figure out that you put the right sides of the two squares together and sew around the edge.
You need to leave an opening along one side to turn the pillow cover right side out!

THAT is where knowing how to install a zipper comes in.
A zipper closure is the absolute neatest way to close the edge of a pillow.

Yeah….I know all the excuses you are coming up with to avoid this!

  • “it’s easier to just hand stitch the edge…”
    • well…. actually…a neat hand stitch closer is pretty hard to get “right”.
  • “zippers are expensive…..”
    • well….actually….you can buy a whole bunch of zippers for less than a bottle of inexpensive wine.

  • “I never remember how to install a zipper…it looks complicated…
    • sew4home has put together the ultimate tutorial for installing a zipper
    • plus you will learn some crazy things about the history of zippers.
    • for instance: “Interestingly, Elias Howe, the same man credited with inventing the sewing machine, received a patent in 1851 for the first zipper, which he called: “Automatic, Continuous Clothing Closure.”  Can you imagine trying to tell someone to “check your automatic continous clothing closure!!!???

Hey…wait a minute….there were only 4 napkins in the package.
How did I make Three pillows?

One pillow is made with two napkins back to back.

I “cheated” on the other two and used some nice white duck fabric for the backs.
(this is a great trick if you are making pillows with super expensive fabric)

I hope this inspired you to learn how to install a zipper.
If you already know how….I hope you are inspired to go make a pillow!

Have A Great Day!