The temps are going to hit 90 degrees today…..thoughts of sweaters, boots, and pumpkin flavored food makes NO SENSE!

Why is it that people seem to get euphoric over the fact that Autumn is upon us?


I imagine that if you have been trying to manage the schedules of a bunch of kids on summer break, the idea that the school system will take over is NOT a bad thing!  That is a good reason to say Hurrah Fall.

I imagine if you live in a place where the temperatures and humidity are oppressive for many days in the summer, the arrival of cooler days is NOT a bad thing.

But….for me….no kids to wrangle any longer….and living in a state where Autumn can mean SNOW….I am not so quick to jump on the pumpkin wagon!


I LOVE summer!!!  Let me repeat…I LOVE SUMMER!
Alas…there is not much I can do to stop the calendar pages from turning.

This year I decided to make the transition SLOWLY!

I am slowly packing away the summer decor around here and putting out some touches of the Autumn season.

I stitched up some new covers for the chairs in the family room.  They are quite a bit more fall like than the turquoise and blue ones that were there before.

Away went the starfish and beach scenes by the fireplace.

I used a photo editing app to turn this fall photo into a watercolor look.

 The coffee table arrangemen is just some spheres with interesting textures and cotton bolls.  Nothing a Grand can’t touch and explore!

The baker’s rack has autumn tones with the copper items. 

The bowls are filled with some artificial produce…..yup…I am turning into that dotty old woman with WAXED FRUIT! 

But hey….the Sweetwater Grandgirl loves to put the food in her grocery cart and push it around.

 The wreath on the front steps lost the patriotic red, white, and blue.  Sunflowers and dried grasses have a nice transitional look.  I even broke down and added a couple of scarecrows and pumpkins.

These little nods to the season are just enough to head toward Autumn.

It is supposed to stay really warm around here for a few more days…
And just so you know…..I am still wearing my WHITE JEANS….2 weeks after Labor Day…So There!

Summer “Ain’t” over until I decide it is over!

Have A Wonderful Day!