The powder room at Sweetwater is very very small.

There is hardly room to turn around in there….but it is in a convenient location….so I really shouldn’t complain.

Finding a throw rug to add some color was a real challenge. A 3×5 is too big and tiny bath rugs looked too “bathroomy”.

The Solution: Being a fabric lover….and having a pretty nice “Fabric Stash”…I had some fun upholstery fabric… I decided to do a DYI Throw Rug with that fabric!

This Trina Turk Rug was the inspiration!

$210 Trina Turk Inspiration
$7 Sweetwater Style Solution

Here is my no sew, fast and easy solution.

My inspirations from Clayton Gray Home

Trina Turk Rugs-all in the $200 range

Now Look again at my no sew version that cost $7

This rug is actually one I made about 6 months ago….but when I washed it last week it totally fell apart.  I had used fusible web to bind the edges to the backing and the washer dissolved this, leaving me with a big messy unraveled piece of fabric that I loved too much to throw away.  So, not wanting to sew through something so thick, I opted for my trusty glue gun! (Have you ever gone to the website called “A Girl and a Glue Gun“?)
Follow along and you can do this too! 
If you don’t have a stash of fabric-get yourself to a outlet fabric store like Mill End Fabrics or SR Harris that are in the Minneapolis area.

I assume you have a glue gun…you are reading this blog aren’t you ?

Look around for an old rag rug that you don’t like. If you need to buy one, look for the cheapest one you can get.  (Goodwill maybe?)

 Remember, I had a very unraveled edge on the fabric, so I serged the edge….you don’t need to do this.  Just cut the fabric about 2 inches bigger than the finished rug size.

 Cut the rag rug to the exact size of the finished rug./

 Fold over and iron the edges of the upholstery fabric.  Miter the corners to make it look really professional.  I actually moved the iron to the table to do this on a large flat surface.  Work around the rug…fold, iron, glue.  This will let you adjust size as you work.

I have made rugs like these without the rag rug backing and it DOES work.  The rag rug makes the rug feel a lot more stable and keeps it in place on the floor.  I also put some rubberize shelf liner under the center of the rug to avoid listening to John scream when he slips on the rug!!!

 Don’t you think this pillow from the same Clayton Gray site really mimics my fabric color and design?

I have a leftover rag rug piece from the project. Maybe I will go look through my fabric stash and see if there is something that would make another rug.

 Have A Great Day!