I love the quote from the movie “You’ve Got Mail” when Kathleen announces that all will be fine, but “in the meantime, I’m putting up more twinkle lights.”
That’s how I feel about the twinkle lights on our deck.

 Sweetwater Style calls for simple, easy, inexpensive elegance.  This solution is almost too easy.
For years I kept the box of Christmas lights close to the front of the storage closet with the idea that I would use them for summertime entertaining.  NEVER happened!  The thought of tangled wires and extension cords made me nuts…and lots of our gatherings are last minute impromptu events….so our parties went without lights.
All was NOT fine without twinkle lights!

A trip to Target and then to Home Depot was the answer! I bought a dozen of the little solar lights and stuck them in the planters.

It seems almost silly to think that I need to tell you how to do this….
But……this is the way that I do it….
Take the little lights out of the package and stick them in the dirt! 
What do you bet you can do this too?!

I checked Home Depot, Target and Lowes for current prices.
Home Depot


For less than the cost of a good bottle of wine…you can have twinkle lights and everything is sure to be fine! 
And if you spring for the good bottle of wine it will be even “finer”. 

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