Do you love Smoothies as much as I do? 

Since I am off to run about a hundred errands this morning and knowing that I probably won’t stop for lunch, I just treated myself to a great smoothie.  Mine was simple:  a banana, some blueberries, greek yogurt, orange juice and a little pomegranite syrup.  I added a packet of EmergenC.  Simple and delicious.

I bet you have your own go to smoothie recipe. 
Let’s do a little virtual recipe exchange!
Post your favorite smoothie recipe or secret ingredients so all of us can try them out.
Here is a fun article about the history of smoothies….because you can’t take the librarian out of the blogger and it never hurts to learn something new!
I love the definition of a smoothie: 
Noun: someone with an assured and ingratiating manner. Syn: smoothy, sweet talker charmer
Can’t wait to hear from all you “smoothies”!