It’s my birthday-whoot whoot!

Couldn’t think of a better way to start the day than a walk in the garden!

So I am sending YOU flowers to celebrate!

Oh…I also have a tip to share about a clever way to save money on flower arrangements too!

These Dahlias are blooming so well this year. 
They are bright spots all through the garden.
Since dead heading makes the plants and flowers thrive, I have lots of blooms for simple arrangements.

As you can see, there are so many varieties and colors of Dahlias.
Dahlias like well, drained,  rich soil. They also like full light.
They can be planted in borders or pots.
They love water, but are susceptible to mildew so avoid getting the lower leaves too wet.
These plants will keep blooming from now until we get a hard frost.

I promised you a money saving tip! Here it is!

 Do you recognize the Dahlia in this bouquet? Well you should because it is the same plant that is now growing in my garden.
At the end of May, I needed to make 6 arrangements for a party at school.
When I went to the Farmer’s Market for cut flowers….the pickings were slim and expensive!
The bedding plants were beautiful and I knew I would want to get some Dahlias eventually if it ever warmed up.
I bought a dozen Dahlia plants and a $6 bunch of white Daisies.
I stuck the Dahlias in the center of the arrangements…pots and all!
Added floral foam around the pot…stuck in the cut flowers and some pachysandra….DONE!

After the party….I had the Dahlias ready to plant in the garden.

The first day of school is fast approaching for me….I am going to do Mum arrangements on the Media Center tables….then plant the Mums in my “school garden”.

Now you know what a crazy gardener I am….not enough to have a garden at home….I have one at school too!

Now off to be the Birthday Princess for the rest of the day! 
My mantra….
You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old….hmmmm!

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  1. aabloomgren

    Happy Birthday Mom!

  2. Christie, Describe Happy

    Happy Birthday to you!! That flower arrangement is striking!! Hope you enjoy a lovely day!