GoodWill Find:  Tarnished copper table top fountain. $6.99

Transformation:  Simple water feature for the deck.

2 hours scrubbing the yucky mineral deposits off of the fountain.
20 minutes arranging the elements in the pot.
10 seconds to plug it in.
2 hours totally wasting time sitting on the deck listening to the splashing water.

This was so simple!
Try it!

I love the idea of a water features.
 The Sweetwater Daughter has a waterfall!

 My brother and sister-in-law build water features and have an amazing pond and waterfall at Willow Ridge Gardens.

Several of our friends have beautiful fountains in their yards that make me soooo jealous!

Mr. S  says, “We don’t need a fountain.  The pond in the backyard is the water feature!”

Maybe so, but I still wanted a fountain!

I have found all kinds of plans for building fountains in planters.  In all honesty, when I look at the plans they give me a headache!  The plans involve way too much work, supplies and time to do.

Now using the little copper fountain, some Bar Keeper’s Friend, a planter I already had and some plants…. I have my fountain!

It looks like I need to find some paint to touch up the planter….that’s what happens when you blog…all the little imperfections in life are out there for YOU to see!

So keep your eyes open the next time you are out at a garage sale or GoodWill….or maybe you have a little fountain tucked away in your closet.
Or….GASP you could always go buy a little fountain!

Have a great Thursday!