“My blanket… I can’t be without it!” a quote from Linus Van Pelt
I don’t carry my blanket around with me….I suppose that would cause some interesting comments….
but every couch on Sweetwater has one!
My latest is a wonderful faux fur throw with suede backing.
My inspirations were all the beautiful throws in the catalogs….like this one that costs $169.
I wanted one!
I needed one!
I didn’t want to spring big bucks for one!
So I didn’t “throw” in the towel (get it?)
I made one for $35
Read on for the “rest of the story”

You probably know that I spend more time at the fabric store than any sane woman should….but I never claimed to be sane….
On the last trip to S and R Harris Outlet (this link is to the latest monthly coupon) I spent a lot of time at the wall of fur!
There I was….caressing all the fake furs….some are really pretty gross….
think “ALF” or the cheesiest jacket ala “Pretty Woman” NOT the Rodeo Drive version!
Most of the pieces were not just FAUX….they were FAUX PAS!
This gorgeous piece….
smooth, thick and with a suede backing.
But the price tag said $49 a yard….yikes….
Oh Yeah! At this store everything in the place is half off….
Only $25 a yard….and I wouldn’t have to buy anything to line it with….
So I bought 1 1/2 yards…..and I was good to go…..
Well I didn’t actually go until I bought MORE fabric….
When I got home, I realized that the suede edge was nice….I didn’t even have to sew a stitch….just cut it straight on the raw edges and left the selvage.

The only real problem is boosting the pile of cats off my throw when I want to use it!

Here are some other throws that are made from fabric finds!

I look for fabric that has a nice back so that the throw does not need a lining.


I serge the raw edges…(you could just press the edge under)

Miter the corner and stitch it down with the machine

I love the look of the embroidered flowers and the puckered look of this throw.
It is silky on the top and the back is sort of soft.

This fabric is a nice medium weight silky chenille.

It has a stitched leaf pattern that shows on both sides….

again…no need for a lining.

This time I turned the edge under before I stitched.

This last one is a made from medium with damask drapery fabric. It too looks nice on both sides with out a lining.  I had some fringe in the scrap box that I added to the top and bottom.  It would be fine without the fringe too!  This is a perfect summer weight throw.

I challenge you to hunt through your fabric stashes….
I bet you have something that you could just “throw” together!
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