My goal in decorating for Christmas is totally “Sweetwater Style”…

  • Use what you’ve got!
  • Re-use and rearrange!
  • Try not to buy anything new!

If you consider that my decoration closet is FULL FULL FULL of stuff that I have been collecting for years…..then I have spent less than $20 on decorating so far….some scented pine cones and some ribbon from Costco!

I usually do the Holiday decorating in one big day….the Friday after Thanksgiving!
I pull out all the boxes….make a huge mess and clean it up!
Not this year….
Well I did the pull out all the boxes and make a huge mess….
and then it hit me!
cough, cough, sniffle sniffle, nap nap!  I have a cold….and I had to rethink the whole all in one day deal!
Add to that, the repainting of the lower level…..and everything is a mess anyway!

I decided to start in the kitchen….a room I spend a good deal of time in and it is close to the teapot!

 A simple tree with baby pine cones and dried hydrangea joins my ever present Menu Pig!
The baby pine cones are from the trees in the yard and the hydrangeas are from the garden.
The Menu Pig….a gift, the year I asked for something totally impractical!
  The Menu is “Tea and Toast”
 This big lighted wreath got a rustic treatment with dried orange slices and scented pine cones.
The warmth from the lights sends the aroma into the kitchen….people will think I have been baking…tee hee!
The 3 ceramic cardinals, a pot of rosemary and some dried pomegranates finish the window sill.
I love the scented pine cones from Michaels…on sale 2/$5
The orange slices….sliced and dried in the oven….2 hours at 200 degrees!

These 3 little ceramic Cardinals are a treasured gift from my daughter.

…did you know that  the Cardinal became known as the Christmas Bird because of it’s brilliant red color?  I have heard that hanging a red cardinal in your Christmas Tree brings good luck to you and your family throughout the coming year.  I hope setting them on the window sill will work just as well!

Now to the Dinette Chairs….

I loop some artificial greens with a Jingle Bell and  a bow….
Simple and Cheerful!
I love that they jingle when ever we sit down to eat!

I am not done yet….the baker’s rack needs something….cough cough, sniffle sniffle….
my cup of tea and another nap are calling….maybe later!

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