I am always so envious of people who have big “stand alone” laundry rooms….
In our house…the laundry room is the back entry pass through from the garage!
The only thing “stand alone” about it is…..ME standing ALONE doing the LAUNDRY!

So in true “Sweetwater Style”…what do I do?
Decorate….! Especially at Christmas!
If I have to spend time “standing alone” in there, it might as well look festive!

White walls….
White Door…
White Appliances….
Black and White tile floor….

The simple backdrop makes the holiday colors pop!

I never think Christmas has begun until the Jingle Bell swag is hung on the garage door….
Every time we come and go….the sound just says Christmas to me!

I created the wall art by matting and framing these fun Christmas cards!

 The frames are from discount stores and Goodwill of course!
 Having my trusty mat cutter lets me mat any sized card!
Maybe you should consider putting a mat cutter on your Christmas list….you won’t be sorry!
It is such a money saver!
I put a bright red basket filled with fresh greens on top of the dryer….
the greens are arranged in fresh floral in a bowl of water….
and if I remember to add water once in a while they will last ’til Christmas!
And of course, I don’t forget the cats!
Goodwill Silver Bowls for food and water….
A framed card (cat themed of course)!
Some “catty” little Ornaments ….
Meowwy Christmas!
It ALMOST makes doing the laundry fun!?!
Party Time

0 comments on “My Holiday Laundry Room!

  1. Partycraft Secrets

    good for you – I love this. Designers right this room off as insignificant, but it feels like we spend our whole lives there – so why shouldn't we get festive there!

    Just found you via fireflies&jellybeans linky – I love the look of your blog and I envy your empty-nest… I'm at the other end of my journey, blogging when my toddlers are asleep or at nana's!

    I'd love you to join my site and help me get to 30 followers if you get a chance – maybe then my husband will shush about the time I spend online!


    keep up the beautiful work, I'll keep tuning in! x

  2. Kimberly

    love your ideas to spruce up a laundry room. ours is in a closet! maybe i'll put something fun on the doors …

  3. Anonymous

    Very cute – especially the kitty touches. God bless x