I took a quick trip to the fabric store on Saturday.

I really went to find fabric for a baby blanket….

I got that but look at the great remnant that I found for $4.00!

I figured I would use it someday….tee hee!

Sunday morning, I started to make the baby blanket…..and things didn’t go so well!!!
Do you ever start a project and have it turn into a PROJECT!!!!????
That is what happened to me….I will post about this whole snafu when I finally get it done!

I have learned over the years that when a sewing project isn’t going well….just put it aside and do something else!
Sewing is supposed to be FUN….NOT frustrating!

I decided to use my pretty remnant to make a new rug for the powder room!
I knew this was a quick project that would turn out!
I think it did!

Read on to learn how I did it….in less than an hour!

I have posted several times about making rugs using fabric remnants….

 Here is a link to one made from

 a recycled Yoga Mat and a piece of upholstery fabric….

Easy….the tutorial is included in the link above!

This link shows one
 made from a great looking remnant and a cut up throw rug!

I called it a One Hour Project….because…
seriously that is how long it took.

My latest rug project was just as speedy….a good thing….because I was feeling so unproductive about the baby blanket!!!!

I found an old rug in the back of a closet….rubber backed and pretty shabby and very ugly.
It was too big for the fabric I had….so I cut it to size!

Cutting it up made a BIG mess….I was absolutely covered in little bits of rug fuzz!
The next steps hardly count as a tutorial…but since I have been too lazy to do a tutorial in a while…let’s pretend…and call this one!
  •   I cut the rug to size
  • I swept up all the mess 
  • I placed the piece of rug on the fabric with the rubber backing facing up….

  • I plugged in the glue gun and went to get a cup of coffee!

  • I mitered the corners of the rug…gluing those corners down first!
  • I finished gluing the edges all the way around.
  • I turned the glued rug over…and ironed the edges very flat!

I carried the finished rug up to the powder room and plopped it down!
Wow….NO frustration…..Project DONE!
Looking Good I think!

Oh…and the reason I use the glue gun and don’t sew….is NOT because sewing is frustrating!
It is because when the rug gets dirty….you just peel off the glue….wash the fabric and glue it back on!!!

Then I realized that the rug that I was taking out of the powder room was the perfect color for the guest bathroom….
So now that is where it is….
Looks pretty good huh?
If you are interested….
I posted a tutorial on how to make the shower curtain here.…it is almost no sew too!
Now I just have to convince myself to get back to the baby blanket project….I will keep you posted of course!
Here’s wishing you frustration free projects at your house this week!