I am finally on Summer Break….
Actually it started last Friday….
but it never really feels REAL until Monday morning rolls around and I DON’T have to get ready for work!
Wouldn’t it be lovely to be the girl in this Winslow Homer Painting?
We have a hammock….
I have a book…..

Oh well….probably not!

More likely this will be ME!
Bent over the garden, weeding and weeding and weeding!
I am headed to my Mom’s house with lots of bug spray to tackle her gardens!
In the meantime….take a look at what is blooming at Sweetwater!
Clockwise from the top left:  
  • Yellow Gazania an annual flower also known as African Daisy or Treasure Flower.  Loves the sun and likes it dry!  I have them in planters so I can move them around. 

  • Yellow Asiatic Lily-once in a while they actually bloom BEFORE the deer eat them.

  •  Lobelia…in a pot so they can move to the coolest spots in the yard…once these showstoppers dry out….they are gone for good…keeping them moist is a challenge!

  • Red Asiatic Lily…I got a picture of this yesterday….alas….overnight they were a midnight snack for the deer….Arghhhh!
  • Common Daisies….with Siberian Iris!  It is almost time for the Shasta Daisy to bloom and all these daisies that have taken over the garden will get ripped out like weeds!

 Clockwise from the top left:

  • The new rose….love the creamy tangerine color and it smells fabulous.  We are leaving it in the pot to see if it likes the front garden!
  • The first hydrangea bloom….will it be pink or blue this year?  We never know, but whatever color it will be a showstopper!
  • Pink Dahlia….love to cut these for little spots of color in the house!
  • Campanula-we have 2 kinds….one is tall and one is in a clump.  They really like our yard and we have transplanted them all over the garden.  They are nice in bouquets in the house.

And finally…..
Since I deadheaded the last of the peonies on the bushes last week….
It was time to “reconstitute” some of the buds from the refrigerator!
Here they are in all their glory!!!!

 I never really believe that it is going to work….but look see!

And there are 5 more bunches waiting!!!

Have a Great Week!!!

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