We actually bought a new piece of furniture….RETAIL….GASP!
The family room at Sweetwater is a wonderfully big room!
The furniture is a collection of pieces that have evolved over time.
The couch is big and comfy!
The leather chair and ottoman are a little aged but super comfortable!
The rocker is one that used to be in Mr. S’s Grandpa’s office!
The file cabinet is filled with about a million photos that I will sort SOON!
The coffee table is big enough to use as a dining spot for two empty nesters!

Well……the room works great when we have big gatherings…we pull in lots of other chairs….people sit on the floor…and lots of people can sit around pretty comfortably.

But….if it is just a casual small group of more than four people it always felt like there weren’t enough comfortable spots for everyone.

Enter the NEW Loveseat….remember…the one we bought RETAIL!!!!

After waiting for six months it finally arrived last week…..Gorgeous….I love it…..
The whole room needed to be rearranged!
You probably remember just how fond Mr. S. is about rearranging furniture!!!
Sweetwater Daughter to the rescue!
She came….we pushed….we shoved….we angled….we tweaked…
After an hour or so, we settled on this arrangement.
Looks pretty good….
 It just didn’t feel right!
I tweaked some more….but still not PERFECT!!!
Enter the Sweetwater Niece!!
She came over yesterday to cover the gray roots in my hair…..
(hey don’t hate me because I have a hairdresser who makes housecalls!!!)
She REALLY came so the Sweetwater Grand-Niece could come play with the new kitten!
I don’t know which one is cuter!!!!
So anyway….we were sitting in the family room waiting for the dye to take….
I asked….”do you think this arrangement works?”
She replied….”almost….but I think the big TV Table is the problem….”
Long story short…..there we were:
 me with a baggie on my head and hair dye threatening to drip…..
a 3 month old baby on the periphery…..
a 5 year old and a 10 week old kitten dashing from room to room….
And my niece and I were doing a whole bunch of furniture moving…..
It involved unplugging complicated electronic connections for the TV…
Hoisting a gigantic table up a flight of stairs….
Moving an incredibly heavy file cabinet….inch by inch….
“Shopping” the rest of the house for the right lamps and lampshades….

 Scaling down the TV table….gave an extra foot of space on that side of the room….
Moving the file cabinet….gave an extra two feet of room for the couch and still left a walkway to the back stairs…
Putting the new loveseat on the back wall let us center it under the windows and the pictures.
The whole room has a spacious feeling with seating for 6 or 7 people….AMAZING!
Oh….and…my roots are covered….we had a lovely lunch….the baby didn’t cry ONCE…
and the kitten was so tired from all the playtime that he slept the whole afternoon!!!
All in all…I would have to say this was a perfect example of the “Just DO IT” philosophy of Sweetwater Style!!!
And…..huge thanks to the Sweetwater Daughter and Niece for getting down and dirty and helping!!! 
As for Mr. S!
When he got home and I asked how he liked it….
His Answer:  “Great…..and I am really glad I didn’t have to get involved!”
Whew!  After writing all this I think I need to go lay down in the family room and take a nap!