Two Weeks Until Thanksgiving….Really???
I guess it is time to start talking turkey!!
so….I wrote this and then started to wonder what that really means….
I put my librarian hat on and went to find out….
This is what I found: 
“talk turkey.” The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms. Houghton Mifflin Company, 1992. 10 Nov. 2012.

Kind of boring….and a little politically incorrect… 
but now you know….don’t say I never taught you anything!!!!
The obvious “Halloween” decor is put away….but that leaves a lot of good stuff that still looks appropriate for moving on to Thanksgiving!
The baker’s rack always gets a little decorating for each season. 
oooh….it looks like we need to go shopping for some wine!
The elements here are pretty simple…and almost all thrift finds or simple crafts!
  • The trays are made from thrift store finds and corks from all the wine we have used up!!!
  • The little ceramic cornucopias, the Haeger planter, leaf plate and Rumrill jug are all from Goodwill!
  • Some red peppers from the Farmer’s Market are strung on raffia and hanging along the side of the rack.

 These two Audubon prints are new…..well not really new…in fact they are pretty old!  Here is the story about them….

Many years ago I found a 1965 “Birds of America” book in the trash at school!  I snatched it up and took it home….

It still has the check out card attached…

Do you remember writing your name on the card and having the date due stamped next to your name?

It was last checked out in 1982!

Now if I hadn’t taken pages out of the book through the years, it probably would be worth a lot of money…..oh well!!

Modern reprints of these plates are selling for ten to twenty-five dollars!
And I have the WHOLE book!!!!

I dug through my frame collection….
I dug through my mat board collection…
I got out my trusty mat cutter….

I have “FINE ART” for a “FINE” price!!!

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