I have to say….I am a little behind with Christmas Decor at Sweetwater this year….
I think the idea of the extra week between Thanksgiving and Christmas fooled me…

  Luckily….the Adopt-A-Family project got “wrapped up” and delivered yesterday….

So….instead of “NEW” stuff, I thought some of you who are new to Sweetwater Style might enjoy some links to some of the holiday posts from last year…

If you are a long time reader….my apologies….

.and I promise some NEW stuff SOON!

My Holiday Laundry Room

Since I spend way too much time in the laundry room….it makes sense to put some holiday cheer here!

Don’t you love that the cats get some decorations too?

 Holiday Decor on the Mantle….Courtesy of Goodwill!

This post shows last year’s mantle and staircase in the family room.

Green and Red aren’t an option for this room….so using browns, copper and burlap is a nice option!

Can’t wait to show you this year’s scheme….almost finished!

Last Year’s Kitchen Decor at Sweetwater

If you are like me, you spend plenty of time standing at the kitchen sink….

A pretty holiday vignette makes doing the dishes a little less of a chore!

This post includes a tutorial for drying oranges…..enjoy!

Holiday Hydrangeas 

I am kind of done with Hydrangeas this year….I hardly have any new ones and the old ones are pretty crumbly!

Still the mirror in the dining room did look pretty last year…

One thing is for sure…..there will be NO casual arrangements on tables where “Marvin the Terrible” can reach them….

Instead….I am putting the hydrangeas in the outdoor planters….away from curious little kitties!!!!

Stairway Decor  Tips

One of the fun things about revisiting these old blog posts…..

I have a visual record of how things looked last year!

Since I really liked the family room stair treatment last year….I did almost the same thing again this year.

But…..I realized that I have done the very same thing for too many years on the front stairway…..

Time for a change…..I will post photos soon…

This year…these swags found a new home on the basement stairway…..

Decor For the Boys – If you have “men” and/or “boys” in your world….check out this post from last year that shows some fun ways to decorate with them in mind….

 Go figure…..those musty antlers….hiding in the back room are TRENDY….!!!!
Last but certainly not least….
Check out this post with some great Christmas Books For Kids…
I am back to decorating for THIS year….
I promise you some new content soon…
Like tomorrow???!!!
Have a great day!