Four years ago today…..

The Sweetwater Daughter and her wonderful man got married!

Congratulations….of course….

The photo shows the gorgeous handmade Bridal Bouquet that was made using the Peonies from the Sweetwater Peony Patch!

It was a gorgeous wedding, made even more special with the homegrown flower arrangements.

We were laughing about how worried we were that all the blooming would be over before the June 13th wedding….

In fact….I had to discover a way to prolong some of the blooms to have enough flowers for all of the tables….

You can read about that here:
My Tips For Prolonging the Peony Season

Fast forward to the strange 2013 growing season……..

This is the way the Sweetwater Peonies look on June 13th 2013!
Can you imagine the pickle we would have been in if the wedding was this year?

So while I wait for my Peonies to POP…..
Enjoy some blooming great photos from the past!

I suppose I should be glad that I am on Summer Break so when these beauties FINALLY bloom, I will be home all day to enjoy them….
In fact…I have promised some of my friends that we will have a “Peony Party”
….but who knows when that will be!  
Maybe for the 4th of July!
Have a Great Day!
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    LOVELY Mary!