The Sweetwater Daughter was invited to take part in a Festival of Trees!

And LUCKY ME….she invited me to help!

This is how it works!

Each design team gets a 7 foot, pre-lit artificial tree……

Each design team chooses a theme……

There is a $400 dollar budget….yeah you read that right….FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!

Everything is prepared ahead of time…..

The design team goes the day before to assemble the tree in time for the auction gala the next night!

The trees are then placed in Nursing Homes and other public places for the season, collected after the holidays and stored until the following year, when they are displayed again!

We have a theme….
We have a plan….
The Mitten Tree inspired by the Jan Brett book!
In this charming book, a little boy loses his white woolen mitten!
Lot of forest creatures take refuge from the cold inside the mitten!
We have been buying white wool sweaters from Goodwill…..
Each sweater costs in the range of five dollars….and usually there is material for 4 or 5 mittens.
The mittens will become a garland….attached to rope for a rustic look!
Jan Brett makes her art available on her website  JAN BRETT WEBSITE!
We plan to make ornaments using the faces of all of the animals decoupaged to wood slices.
Then we will add some big plaid bows and some pine cones…..
What do you bet we can create a pretty awesome tree for less than $200?
And that is only because we will have a copy of the book as part of the display!
Then the money we DON’T spend can go back into the charity!!!
The tree skirt is optional….and we haven’t decided about that….
Doesn’t this sound like fun!!!??
I would love to hear your suggestions for the skirt or any other clever idea that would add to our theme!
I will post more about this as our project progresses!!!
Have A Great Day!

4 comments on “Christmas Tree For Charity!

  1. Anonymous

    Love, love, love this project! Wouldn”t it be awesome if you could get some bark off a white birch tree and finangle it into a tree skirt! Debbie (Maine)

  2. ~Lavender Dreamer~

    You’ll have the prettiest tree! And I love the website you shared….her art is amazing! I’ll share this site with my grandkids, too! Thanks!

  3. Kathleen

    Your idea sounds wonderful! We do it differently. The displayed trees are autioned off and raise a ton of money for the charity. Someone would pay a fortune for what you are doing.
    What happens to all the decorations when the trees are stored?

  4. Kathleen

    Mary, do you know you have that word id thing on?

    Can’t wait to see your tree!

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