The kitchen shelf and drawer liners at Sweetwater are in desparate need a replacement.

A couple of years ago, I showed you how I line the drawers and shelves with pre-pasted wallpaper that I pick up for next to nothing at Goodwill!

The problem is that I CANNOT find any good looking wallpaper at Goodwill now that I actually NEED some!

What to do?

 I figured there must be some sort of discount wallpaper available on-line!
In fact I found Steve’s Blinds and Wallpaper on line….and then saw that they were on my list of affiliate companies!

Steve’s has a section of discontinued bargain papers…..$7.98 a roll!
That seems reasonable…although I had to buy 2 rolls… for $16 dollars I can do my whole kitchen twice!!!

I started shopping….and seemed to be drawn to the plaids….

Here were the options that called to me!

Almost a Burberry…..

Lots of colors and the blurred lines are nice…..

This one has the look of Pendleton woolens…but is probably a bit too “Christmassy”!

And the Winner IS!!!!
This one has the right colors and is dark enough not to show scuffs!
Want to see something funny?
This photo is of little old (young) me in the kitchen of our first house!
HMMMM… you wonder why I was drawn to the plaid….
Maybe even more of something to think about… you wonder why my wallpaper choice was in the “discontinued bin”?

Anyway….now all I have to do is wait for the UPS guy to bring me my wallpaper and then everytime I open the cupboards….I can travel down memory lane!

Steves Blinds and Wallpaper

Have A Great Day!