It isn’t surprising that at Sweetwater we like SWEET THINGS!

One of those is Homemade Sugar Scrub to slough off dry winter skin!
Before I share the recipe….take a look at the results of my search for all things sugar!
Sugar, ah, honey, honey
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you
Honey, ah, sugar, sugar
You are my candy girl
And you got me wanting you
Lyrics from the Archies hit Sugar Sugar
“How sweet it is!”
Tagline made famous by Jackie Gleason on his 1950’s television show.

 Sugar in the morning
Sugar in the evening
Sugar at suppertime
Be my little sugar
And love me all the time

Lyrics from the McGuire Sisters 1958 hit song “Sugartime”

If you read this ad from the 1960’s… are sure to get on the sugar band wagon!

The “POLAR VORTEX” has taken a toll on my skin….there must be a Below 0 amount of moisture in the air!

 I came across this bag of  Turbinado Sugar in the freezer during one of my organizing frenzies….

There isn’t much else to do except organizing when you are stuck inside because of the “POLAR VORTEX”!

I decided to stop organizing and make some Sugar Scrub.

There are countless recipes out there for Sugar Scrubs…..but the basic idea is:

Some Sugar
A Carrier Oil
An optional Fragrance

Since we are in a “POLAR VORTEX”, I wasn’t going anywhere to buy ingredients for my Sugar Scrub.  Using one of the basic tenets of Sweetwater Style, I just used what I had!

I got out the VitaMix…..

This baby has sooo many interesting uses!

Since the Turbinado sugar is pretty rough….too rough for my tender skin….

Grinding it with the VitaMix made for a much smoother consistency!

 “What I HAD” for oil was some Baby Oil and some Coconut Oil.

I figured that a combination of these two would work fine…

I didn’t have any fragrance oils on hand and of course, the “POLAR VORTEX” kept me from going out to get any!

The sweet fragrance of the Baby Oil took care of the need for additional fragrance…

It was a simple process to mix the oil and sugar together…..

Then I got out the little $.49 jars I bought at GoodWill last week….

(I knew when I saw them that they would find an interesting use!)
I packed the Sugar Scrub in the jars!

And there I had it… almost free version of the spendy products that you can buy…but then again why would you buy something this simple to make!
Besides….because of the  “POLAR VORTEX”…the temperature in our house means that the shelf life of this will be reasonably long!

This homemade beauty product is a nice addition to the “Thrifty Homemade Bath Soak” that I use all of the time.

 Would you believe that the post with the recipe for this has had over 12,000 visits?  Go Figure!!!

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 Are you as tired as I am hearing about the POLAR VORTEX?
The temps today are going to hit ZERO by noon!
I am going to get out of the house……it’s a HEAT WAVE….A Tropical Heat Wave!
Have a Great Day!
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