We had ANOTHER weather related School Closing yesterday!
That makes 6 for this year…..more than the total snow/cold days that I can remember in my entire LONG career of teaching!

This is the view from the deck right now……
I have to say that I much prefer THIS view….

Mr. S. is due home from ice fishing today….that is if they can get plowed out and navigate the enormous drifts around the “ice palace”!
This is the picture he sent of the view out the door this morning…..talk about desolate!

His phone calls describing the blowing and drifting snow on the frozen lake were amusing…..but also make me realize how dangerous this kind of storm can be.

The Sweetwater Son was MY hero yesterday…..he came to clear away the 9 inches of snow in the driveway without one word of complaint….he also helped the neighbor woman to do the same while he was here!  I would like to think it was our excellent parenting that made him such a wonderful man….but probably NOT!

I always think about what it must have been like for our grandparents and great-grandparents to live through a Minnesota winter without all of our modern conveniences….

  • NO heated garages
  • NO heated seats and steering wheels in the car
  • NO snowblowers
  • NO cell phones
  • NO gas fireplaces
  • NO INDOOR plumbing

Peg Meier, a Minnesota author, has captured perfectly what it was like “back in the day” for the hardy folks who chose to come to this “god forsaken tundra”….an interesting and enjoyable read!

“If You’re Not From the Prairie” by David Bouchard is a book that I love to read to kids.  The lyrical poetry is a great read….but when I found this video interpretation….I have to say that I like it even better than the read a loud version.  I hope you take the 6 minutes and sit back and enjoy it!

HERE is the direct link if the embedded video takes too long to load!

So while the weather has been “an inconvenience”….I am thankful that it is almost the end of February…..the sun is higher in the sky every day…..this WILL be over soon!

In the meantime…..I will enjoy my warm house and be glad I don’t have to tie a rope from the door to the outhouse so I don’t get lost in the snow on my way to use the bathroom!

Have a Great Day!