The Sweetwater Daughter and I are doing another Christmas Tree for the Auburn Home Charities!
The theme for this tree was the book The Mitten by Jan Brett!
Our budget was $400 (go figure) and we did the whole tree for less than $150! 
That still seems like a lot for a Christmas tree….but all the money goes to the charity.  
With thrifty planning, we were able to add $250 to the charity!
This year the theme for all of the trees is “Christmas Carols”!
We want to do something that is a little out of the ordinary!
No “White Christmas”
No “Silver Bells”
No “Jingle Bells”
We decided to do….
This is where YOU come in!
Our ideas are starting to form…..the tree should have a 1950’s Rock and Roll Vibe!
A few trips to Good Will should provide a bunch of vinyl records that can become giant ornaments!
A Poodle Skirt for the Tree Skirt makes sense!
Now I want to hear from you!
I want to pick your collective blog reading…..pinterest pinning brains!
What other fabulous and thrifty ideas do you have!
Nothing is too silly to hear about!
What do you think?
Can’t wait to hear all of your “brilliant” ideas!
Then we will get to work creating a unique and thrifty tree!