It is no secret that I love shopping at thrift stores!
If you want to know more and even learn some of my tips and tricks…..
check out the tab at the top about Good Will Hunting!
A funny thing happened at the Happy Hour Baby Shower on Saturday!
One of the guests was someone I didn’t know….but when I complimented her on her outfit…
she told me she got most of the pieces at Good Will!
That led to a “competition” conversation about the best finds ever!
Pretty soon….this lovely young woman…an almost stranger…..
was up in my closet looking at my “best finds ever”!
We had formed a bond….
a marvelous bond sharing NOT about how lovely and expensive our possessions are….
BUT….how lovely and inexpensive they are!
So here is the Handbag edition of:
The Best Finds Ever!

One of the rules of thrift store shopping is “KNOW YOUR BRANDS”!

This little gem is a pretty obvious brand…


I am almost certain it is authentic…it has the little coach tag….

I found a pink one like it on ebay for $35….so I would imagine that the original price was at least twice that!

I think I paid $4!

This little purse was the perfect bag to take sightseeing on our vacation.

It fits snugly under my arm….so my stuff is secure.

Just enough room for ID, phone and glasses!


BTW… this photo is of me getting ready to eat street food in Bangkok!

Notice what the humidity does to me hair 🙂

This is a Brahmin Bag….I have had it for 8 years… it for $10 at Goodwill!
I always look for distinctive tags and quality leather when I am browsing the purses at GW!

I found this bag on the Brahmin website!

Yup…you are reading it right!


My Oh My!

I used this bag as my carry-on for our trip.  It has lots of pockets inside but is big enough for the iPad and Kindle!

The last “Best Find Ever”… one that I really didn’t realize was SUCH a good deal!

When we were traveling, the thing that amazed me was the shopping in the airports.

No Kidding…..every single fancy smancy designer store was there for your shopping convenience.

When I saw the BALLY store in the Hong Kong airport….I remembered the little BALLY purse I scored a few years ago at GW for $8!

I went into the store to see if there was a similar bag for sale!
There were several bags that were close…but nothing exactly like mine!
But here is the deal….if you go to the BALLY website….there isn’t a single bag that costs less than $500 …..yup…..$500 and up for any BALLY purse!

This little bag is a perfect size…..and the ensignia makes me believe it is genuine!
Even if it is the cheapest BALLY bag made….I think this might be one of my best finds!
So…..keep your eagle eyes open for bargains at the thrift store!
Since I can’t come visit your closets….I would love for you to join the competition!
I want to hear about YOUR “Best Finds EVER” !
Have A Great Day!