This nice little decorative sconce with glass vases hangs on the powder room wall.
It is great for adding a bit of color with a few flowers.

Time to fill them with some greenery.

This will be a nice transition for Thanksgiving without going full on Christmas!

Here is where the story gets interesting!

I see all these cool things that people fill clear vases with.
Lemons, cranberries, etc.
I had the “genius” idea that it would look nice to have tiny little pinecones in the glass vials.
I had lots of tiny pine cones that I had dried in the oven to make them open.
HMMMM……I should have realized that putting them back in water would make them close back up!!!!
WARNING….the following image is a bit disturbing!
I leave it to YOUR imagination to decide exactly what it looks like I put in the vases!!!!
The problem was easily fixed by dumping the pine cone idea and using little artificial berries instead!

Much Better and it now the display won’t spoil anyone’s appetite!
Have A Great Day and A Happy Thanksgiving!