There is something about birch logs and branches that says “holiday” to me.
This cute little holiday decoration is a great hostess gift and so easy to make.

How to make a Miniature Birch Log Decoration

3 birch sections about 6 inches long
Paddle wire
Accent berries

Step One:
Cut a 2-3 inch birch log into six inch peices.

Lucky me….I have a big bucket of birch logs in the garage.   If you don’t have access to the woods to cut your own birch….you can buy a few logs almost anywhere.  It kills me that they cost $5 a log…but I guess that since one will make at least 2 of these decorations…that isn’t bad.

Lucky me….I have one of these:

It is called an Alligator Lopper.
It is electric…
It makes short work of cutting small logs.
It runs about $70….hmmm….great Christmas gift for someone!

Step Two and Three:
Wire the set of “logs” together using the paddle wire.

Wire some sprigs of greenery and berries together with wire.

You can use fresh or artificial greens for this.
You can also use hot glue for the logs if you wish.

Step Four:

Tie a ribbon around the logs to cover the wire.

Add the greenery.

Top with a pretty bow.

So Simple
So Elegant
So Inexpensive


This gorgeous book would be a wonderful companion gift to go along with your decoration.

The paperback is available from Amazon for $10.99.

So I will leave you with this quote from Frost:

Have A Wonderful Day!