Hmmm….I am an actually an APPLE person !

However, I do love the windows in our house.  
I love that many of our windows don’t need to be covered.  The clean look of big tall gridded windows is something I love.
That is especially nice in the kitchen.  It is far enough away from things that privacy is not an issue.
But…and you knew there would be a BUT in there….that bare window sometimes calls for a little decoration.

Hanging things in the window without damaging the wood can be a challenge.
I have solved the problem in a pretty elegant and inexpensive way.
Of course….a tension rod would work….but I think you might agree that this looks even better.

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best!

We took two little cup hooks….and screwed them to the underside of the upper window frame molding!
They can easily be removed and filled with a bit of wood putty and covered with a bit of stain!

Then Mr. S  went to work and cut a piece of stainless steel tube/rod that he had in HIS “stash”.  
It slips into the cup hooks to make a sturdy bar to hang “Stuff” from!

 Even better would be to purchase a wooden dowel and stain it to match the woodwork.

I have been “just gonna do that” for a couple of years now…..

Here is the rod holding up the birch branch Heart…

The tutorial for making this is here:  How To Make A Birch Branch Heart

When I use this trick….it makes the wreath look like it is floating on the window.

The other nice thing….
If you don’t have something to put in the window…the rod sort of disappears.

Now I am off to the store to buy a dowel so that it will match the window trim.
HMMMM….maybe I should do one for the front living room window too!

And some final window thoughts for you….


Have A Wonderful Day!