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I recovered another office chair!

You may remember my post about recovering my husband’s ugly office chair!

It went from really ugly… nice…but sort of boring….that’s because I actually listened to what he wanted….”nothing too fancy or wild”….go figure!
The post has the full tutorial if you are interested.

Now… on to MY sewing chair that looked like this!

If you have been reading this blog you know that I am not afraid of “fancy or wild”!
So off to the fabric store….and see the great fabric I found!
I bought 1 yard for $7 and I was ready to turn ugly into NICE!

I looked at the chair and realized that I wouldn’t even have to take it apart.

The construction of the chair is such that all I needed to do was get my trusty screwdriver out and push the fabric in around the frame!

Seriously….that is all there was to it…..stretch, push, stretch, trim push some more!

Smooth out the wrinkles….stretch, push and tuck…a trained monkey could probably do this!
And I have always wanted a trained monkey! (not really, but they ARE cute)

 45 minutes later…..I have a pretty NICE looking chair!

I’m no monkey…..but hey….I think it turned out pretty well!

Now this fabric isn’t really “fancy OR wild”…..but it was soooo simple and quick…..I will keep an eye open for something better and redo it again in a year or so!

 I find myself looking at every office chair I see….and wondering about how they could be redone!
Take a look at your own and let me know if you get the inspiration!
Maybe you can even find a trained monkey to do it for you!

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