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The New Sweetwater Blog

I used to write a blog that was titled Sweetwater Style. It’s purpose was to show ways to combine style and elegance in economical ways.

A few years ago, I stopped writing the blog. I am not quite sure why….life got in the way I guess.  

I realized that I sort of missed blogging and had an “aha” moment.  The Sweetwater Style blog could be a natural extension of the Sweetwater Floral Consulting business,

I continue to believe that “Style is the perfection of your point of view”.

The things that I enjoy most almost always have something to do with flowers.

Whether it is creating little bouquets for around the house or full on wedding decor, flowers make me happy.

I looked back my favorite posts and see that they are about arranging flowers and sharing tips with you. 

The revamped Sweetwater Style Blog will be about flowers! 

I will share:

  • ideas and tips to make flower arranging easy 
  • inspiration from floral designers 
  • Sweetwater Floral Consulting events 

I am sure to add other things as I go along….maybe even some of my thrifting finds and DIY projects.

To get things started, I thought I would link up to some old posts about flowers that you might enjoy. 

I am excited to get restarted with this new look for Sweetwater Style.

I hope you get inspired to make flowers part of your lives!

Have A Great Day!

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