Just a Nod to Valentine’s Day

There sure is a lot of Valentine Decor in blogland….

I look at the cute ideas…..
I like the cute ideas…..
Sometimes I pin the cute ideas for a pinterest board….

But I know I am probably not going to make any of the cute ideas….
Now that our nest is empty, we pretty much don’t do  Valentines Day on Sweetwater!

BUT….in the spirit of “Use what I’ve Got 2012″…
AND….since the mantle and the kitchen baker’s rack needed a little face lift….

I decided to challenge myself to pay small homage to “Cupid” with these two areas.
AND…..not buy anything new!

Mantle Before…..
 Mantle after….
 I am not thrilled with it….but it will work for the next 2 weeks or so.
Here is the Baker’s rack!
Bottom line…..I walked around the house looking for “stuff” that sort of had a Valentine’s look……plopped it all together and called it “Decor”!
Next week at school, we will be overwhelmed with Valentine’s Day activities….
a couple of favorite read a loud books
My Map Book by Sara Fanelli
This is a great book about the concept of mapping….but there is one page in the book showing “The Map of MY Heart!”
Now wouldn’t that make a great kid valentine?
The Bookshop Dog by Cynthia Rylant
 When Sweet Martha’s owner needs someone to watch her pet while she is in the hospital, the seeds of “love” are sown!  Kid’s love to groan at the “kissing” but it is all in great fun!
Library Lil by Suzanne Williams
A strong female protagonist….a library…..some motorcycle gang members….turned into another “Love Story”.
A fun read!
Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!