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Plastic Planter Transformed with Spray Paint

Finding an inexpensive way to dress up our front entryway has been a real challenge. 

The height of the opening and the scale obviously call for some pretty big planters-not the puny ones in this photo.  A trip to Target and Home Depot solved the problem.  Take a look!

Here is what I lust after….
Maybe someday!

Walking through Target looking for bargains, I came upon two big ugly green planters.  They were marked down to $6.97 from $14.97, so you know that even at full price they were nothing special.  But they were the perfect size, so I bought them.

Then off to Home Depot where I found Rust-Oleum Paint for Plastic Spray Paint like this.  At Amazon it is 8.99 but at Home Depot it was only 4.99 so I bought 2 cans.  They had the perfect blue color.

I am not so good at remembering to take pictures of every stage of my projects, but I figure everybody knows how to spray paint….just remember to spray at least part way down the interior of the pot.

Here is the finished product!  Total cost:  $20 for 2 Planters….WOW!

The Geraniums are from the 50% off sale at Holaseks and the Celosia was on sale at Bachmans for $4 .
Planting Tips
Instead of filling these big pots with dirt, we put  2 gallon pails upside down inside of the pots.  I left the geraniums in their hanging pots and set them on top of the pail and removed the hangers.  I stuck in some red dogwood twigs for height. 
The edges of the plastic planters were visible and you could see the space between the outside of the blue planter.  
Using Spanish Moss from the craft solved this problem very nicely.

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 Now….what will I do with the other can of Plastic paint? I will keep you posted!

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