Presto Chango Turtleneck to Jewel neckline Sweater!

Where do you stand on the “Great Turtleneck Debate”? 
Is this style a fashion classic or a fashion no no?
Yes, I know that this is probably not nearly as interesting as the current political debates going on…..
oh wait….
maybe it IS more interesting than the current political debates!
I kind of think that for me it is a matter of aging.  Over the years the turtlenecks that I used to love just don’t fit as comfortably as they used to.
It couldn’t possibly be that my neck isn’t quite as smooth and thin as it used to be????
I found this fashion advisory for “a woman of a certain age”…..

“You may think a ¬≠turtleneck hides a sagging neck and chin, but it is more likely to draw attention to jowls.”

Audrey Hepburn knew this….there are lots and lots of photos of her in her youth with the classic black turtleneck.  In later photos you see more v-necks and jewel necklines. 

Now….I would never aspire to looking like Audrey Hepburn….no one  could!
But in the great turtleneck debate….I need to vote NAY!

I am a sucker for cashmere!  I find the most wonderful cashmere sweaters at the thrift store. They usually sell for less than $10.  Sadly…..many of the prettiest cashmere sweaters are turtlenecks!  I buy them anyway! Then I use some “magic” and turn them into jewel neck treasures!

Want to see how?
You really won’t believe how easy it is!

 This sweater is the prettiest blue (the photo really doesn’t show it well).

Notice the classic turtle neck!

All you do is pull the collar up and cut about half of it off. 

Leave enough of the ribbed knit to fold to the inside.

Use the wool setting on your iron and steam press the ribbing so that it exactly joins to the line where the ribbing joins the sweater. 

Time with the iron is well spent in making the next step easier.

It is simple to just hand stitch the raw edge to the neckline.

Use the tiniest stitches you have patience to do…..
Try to catch as many of the raw knit loops from your scissors cut as you can.
This will keep it from unraveling.

I don’t get all hung up on using special knit thread…..this is a thrift store sweater after all!!

The finished jewel neck looks really nice….
It will feel so much better than the turtleneck….
It only took about 20 minutes to do this!
BTW….because my cashmere sweaters are almost all from thrift stores….I never dry clean them.  Use a gentle wash with Woolite and lay them flat to dry!  
 Where ever you stand on the turtleneck debate…..
Have A Wonderful Day!