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Tank Tops on the Cheap!

TANK TOPS! I know, how… boring. While tank tops might be boring they really are an essential.  This piece  is the first layer in many outfits. A tank top is often necessary under a see through top or one with a low neck.  I think the fashion stylists call it layering….but what do I know? Don’t you always feel more put together when you have a tank or camisole pulling “everything” together?

So we agree.  We all need boring old tank tops and lots of them.
You are probably working on your summer wardrobe…maybe even going to a retail (gasp) store to find some pretty things.

DO NOT…..I repeat DO NOT get sucked in to buying a tank top in one of those spendy places.

DO NOT….even buy a tank or camisole in a discount store.
Check out the prices for these absolute basic items at department stores.
Even the Target basics run aroun $8.

Why….you might ask?
Because thrift stores have racks and racks of almost new (and sometimes brand new) tanks, shells and camisoles.
The prices are always in the three to seven dollar range.

There are often fun colors and interesting patterns to be had.

For this, you DO want to shop by brand as well as fabric.
There is probably good reason that the brand name tops cost more.
The fabric content is comfortable and long lasting.
Wash after wash these thrift store bargains stay looking fabulous.
Look for brands like Chicos, Ralph Lauren, Talbots, Banana Republic, Athleta, Eddie Bauer, Patagonia.  These brands are known for quality (and high prices).
I have a couple of Banana Republic camis that I have had for more than five years.  I don’t think they will ever wear out.

I headed to my closet to get just a few (don’t tell Mr. S that these are “just a few”) of the thrift store tanks I own.

The brands on these range from Nick and Zoe, Ralph Lauren, Karen Kane, Ann Taylor, Anne Klein and Kaelin.
Do the math…..if the lowest price of these was in the $25 range….times 7….that would be $175!
Really…..for basic tank tops????
My cost was probably more like $40 for all 7!

Some of you are probably thinking: “It takes me so long to go through all those racks to find something!”  My answer to that is…..”well it probably takes just as long to go to the department store and find the one you want.”  Wouldn’t you rather spend an hour at the thrift store and save that extra $100 plus for a fun pair of pants or a summery dress?

I saved the best reason for thrift store tops for last!
I never, ever worry about these tops getting a stain on them.  They are easily replaced for a low cost.
It always makes me giggle when I look down at myself when I am out in the garden and realize that I am wearing fancy brand clothes!

Good Will Hunting to you!