We’ve Moved…..The Fairy House That Is!

The Fairy House or Gnome Home here at Sweetwater has good bones!

READ HERE about how to turn an old stump into a pretty fabulous Fairy Garden structure

That was a couple of years ago….

Just like any home, the Gnome home needs regular maintenance.

Well, this year instead of the usual spruce up of the property….I decided that it was time for the Gnomes to make a MOVE!

You know the saying….in real estate it is all about    LOCATION!
Instead of the busy intersection of driveway and front walk….the Gnomes deserve the woodlands and a pond view.
Luckily….the perfect “lot” was available!
Packing up to move is never any fun….but in this case it involved not just the furniture….but all of the landscaping materials….
The WHOLE house too!

 It is a good thing the move didn’t involve too much distance….

The Sweetwater Grandboy was there to help with sprucing up the place with a newly painted roof.

The landlord wasn’t so sure about the bright blue for the roof….but hey it suits a Gnome….

The process would have gone quicker….

The city utility workers showed up to flush out the water mains….and that diversion was way too interesting to miss!

So….after a short break…

The renovation continued!

As moves go, this one was pretty painless…I guess that is the magic of Fairies and Gnomes!

 I hope the Gnomes like the upgraded pond view!

Remember…..There’s No Place Like Gnome!!!

Have a Great Day!