I MIGHT Be Sick of Flowers! NOT!

Whew….last week was a really busy week around here!
What fun to help with a wedding….
The Bride made her own bouquet!
The Mother of the Bride came with buckets of flowers and Hosta as well as friends to help!
Would you believe….96 little bouquets of flowers plus lots of table arrangements.
Note that the view out the window of the venue is THE GOVERNOR’S MANSION!
The second event was the creation of floral decor for a Golden Wedding Celebration.

The BRIDE, her Daughter-in-law and Grand Daughter came to Sweetwater to create the centerpieces, corsages, and boutonneires.
I think Grandma was proud to watch her Grand Daughter’s confidence grow as she became accomplished at creating the arrangements!
The view from the tables was spectacular Lake Minnetonka on a gorgeous Sunday. That is pretty hard to beat!

Wednesday was a trip to Koehler and Dramm
to buy bunches and bunches of flowers.

All those flowers needed conditioning….more playing with flowers.

Thursday was spent creating all the wedding flowers.
Friday we spent setting up the wedding venue.

Saturday we made the Anniversary flower arrangements, corsages and boutonneires.

Sunday the Anniversary flowers were set up!

Then….I needed to make use of all the leftovers…because you really can’t throw away a good looking flower!

And NOW….
The garden is in full bloom….so those flowers really call to be cut for the house!

You would think that I would be SO OVER flowers…..but NOT!

They say you can’t be too rich or too thin….but I would say….
You can never have too many flowers!

Have A “Blooming” Great Day!