What A Hoot! Halloween Owl Decor!

I have this fun feathered owl that I bought a few years ago!

It cost way too much money…..
It was really hard to explain to Mr. S that I really needed a black feathered owl!
I loved it….
I knew this guy would be a great Halloween decor item!

Guess what!
I was right!
Four years later….I still love to get this guy out and display him.
Oooohhh I love when I am right!

The “perfect branch” that we found in the Sweetwater woods finally bit the dust! You know I am a little crazy when I “store” the owl branch in the garage from year to year!

Not to fear….I knew I could find a better branch!

Mr. S and I took a lovely day trip to the Wisconsin woods this week.
He was looking over the hunting situation….

I was “foraging” for decor supplies!

Add lunch in a classic roadside tavern and a bright blue sky….

It was a wonderful outing!

I was actually looking for stumps to use as pumpkin stands for the front yard….those were in the wood pile that is waiting to come home to warm our hearth! The old bench from the backyard moved center stage under the bay window.  We still haven’t decided what plantings to do there….so this is a nice temporary fix.

And then….I spied it!  The perfect owl “branch”….except it was a stump!
You have to admit…it is exactly the best owl perch ever!

The branch is sitting in an old enamelware cakepan.  We “harvested” the cool looking moss from the woods on our day trip! (Way cheaper than buying preserved moss in a bag from the craft store….I did check for bugs and other creepy crawlies before I brought it inside)

HMMMMM…whooooo has an idea for the perfect way to add some eerie lighting effects?

If you wanted to make something like this for your house…..the owl is available at Amazon fot $9.99!  I am sad to say that I spent a tad bit MORE than that….oops!

 Or…you could do Ravens instead of owls!

 Then you will have an excuse to take a trip to the woods to do some collecting!

Have A Good Day!

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