How to Clean Cast Iron

The pots and pan cupboard here at Sweetwater is really pretty basic.
We have a set of Calphalon cookware that has been around for a lot of years.
We also have some great cast iron pans that are real work horse pieces.
These have been around for even more years.

 These pans, a frying pan, a round griddle and a reversible double burner sized griddle get a fair amount of use because of their versatility.

A well-seasoned cast-iron skillet is naturally non-stick. …

Cast iron cookware retains heat — that is, they stay hotter —

Cast iron pans can be used on the stove top as well as in the oven.

And did you know that cooking with cast iron pots and pans can boost your iron intake.

These lovelies DO have some down sides!
They are super heavy…..and since the handles get hot….you have to be pretty careful.
They need to be seasoned well and cleaned carefully to retain the non-stick surface provided by that seasoning.

Read this article from Lodge, the premier maker of cast iron pans to learn how to season a new cast iron pan.

 We store our cast iron cookware on the shelves in the basement.  I went to get my favorite pan the other day and….

It looked like THIS!
Mr. S told me that it was okay….and that I should just give it a coating of oil and heat it up!
So… to the GOOGLE!
So Simple!
All that is necessary are just two “ingredients” and a little elbow grease 

A potato cut in half….
A hefty amount of salt…..

I was amazed at how the moisture from the potato and the salt rubbed away every bit of rust.
 There was still some of the “old seasoning” left, but a little oil and some heat couldn’t hurt.
A 10 minute project well worth it!
Now….I just have to take some time and do the other cast iron pieces….
Another day….Another project!
Doesn’t this just make you want to go cook some eggs and bacon?
Have A Wonderful Day!