Halloween Spell Book Tutorial

This is essentially a repost of something I wrote last year.
It is WAY too early for me to start decorating for Halloween!
Some of YOU…are way ahead of me and actually planning and making decorations for next month…..and I thought you might like to try this fun project!

I love this wonderful decorative set of Halloween Books that my daughter gave me a few years ago.

They came from “The Shop Around the Corner” that I told you about from our Weekend Wander in Waconia!

Alas….this cute little shop is now closed….and I sure will miss it!

Last year I put the books on the entry hall  table with the Owl I splurged on….

We even saved the “perfect” branch to use again this year!

When the time comes….I will probably do something similar to this!

I loved the idea of these books  so much that I wanted some for my school Halloween display….and of course I didn’t want to spend the money to buy the “real” thing….

I did a knock-off version and only spent $7 instead of the $25 for the originals.

Since this was BB (before blog), I can’t do an actual tutorial with photos…..
so I will try to explain how I made them!

I bought these paper mache books in a set of 3 from Michael’s for 6.99

  • I painted the outside with flat black craft paint.
  • I painted the book page area with metallic gold paint.
  • I printed out the cover and spine images on my computer
  • I used Modge Podge to attach the printed titles and cover to the books

And here is the finished result! 
I left them loose….instead of gluing them together….so I can stack them every which way!

I will put them on the center table in the Media Center with all of the Halloween books for kids to check out…..
Last year a kid actually tried to check one of them out…..He was so disappointed when he found out they weren’t real!

I still have these photo albums that I bought at Goodwill…..hmmmm

I am thinking I will distress these….add some Halloween themed titles and have another set….

I meant to do this last year and never got it done!!!  Maybe this year!
Wish me luck!

Speaking of Halloween….there is really nothing better than a good spooky book to read to your kids…..check out this post with lots of suggestions!

There is plenty of time to get to YOUR library and check them out!!!

 Halloween Books for Kids!

Enjoy!!!  I am going to relish the rest of September and NOT rush into Halloween!!!

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