Easy and Pretty DYI Insect Repellent Lantern

Minnesota in the summer means lots of outdoor fun.
It also means that if you are outdoors you will probably get “bugged” by Mosquitoes.
Repelling bugs has a pretty high priority around here!
Here is a tutorial for a DIY Insect Repellent Lantern that I put together the other night.
Here was my inspiration.
I have a couple of gel fuel fire pots that are really pretty.
But…..that gel fuel is really pretty scary!
In fact, the pourable gel fuel has been recalled because of how dangerous it is!
I just knew I could find someone who had figured out how to recycle the gorgeous container into something practical. 

Citronella Patio Torch Fuel

This is about $10 at Home Depot
We had this in the garage so this brand is no longer available there.
Any brand will do.

Pea Gravel

 You can buy a bag of this at Home Depot for a couple of dollars.  The bucket of this has been in our garage for a long time.  I use it for lots of stuff… makes a nice landscape path for the Fairy Garden!

Torch Replacement Wick
This pack of 2 cost $4.00 at Home Depot.  They are long enough to cut into thirds enough for six lanterns.
Fireproof Container with some sort of lid 
I had 2 gel pots with inserts.
Then I got out an old cheese crock with a top that will work.
Mason jars will work too.  They are shatterproof.
Put the pea gravel in the container around the wick.
Pour the citronella oil over the rocks.
Light it up!

Looks and sounds like a pretty simple project!
Well……sort of!
I lit the wicks and you can see that the flame is a BIT out of control!
Here is what I learned!
More to the point…..this is what Mr. S who is a member of NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) taught me!!!!  Yikes….what was I thinking…..doing a FIRE related project when the “fire safety police” lives in the house!
The wick can’t be too tall!
The rocks can’t go right up to the top!
There can’t be too much oil in the container!
You’d better check to be sure your container is high temp safe!
You probably shouldn’t burn these on a wood deck!
After learning all of these safety precautions…..and fixing some of the problems…..the little lamps look great and let off a nice amount of citronella vapor!

 To make Mr. S happier…I will move these down to the fire pit ledge!  The bugs are worse down there anyway!

Here is a nice website with lots of ideas for Insect Repellent Lanterns!
Don’t you love the simplicity of these Mason Jar Lamps?

 Last…..but not least….just so the Fire Safety Police know that I was listening and paying attention!

Have A Wonderful Day….
Hope NOTHING is BUGGING you today!