Styling Shelves is SO Hard for me

Do any of you struggle with styling shelves?
I certainly do.
I always set out with great aspirations.
I always think that I will pare down and come up with a cleaner more open look.
BUT…..I sort of have THIS problem!

Case in point…..

All of these shiny objects called to me from the thrift store shelves.

I love interesting pieces of silver plate.  Especially when I can have them for around $5 a shot!

The collection is growing….

It lives on the shelves in the dining room.

I have a love hate relationship with these shelves! 
I want the pieces on display and easy to get at.
We use them all the time. 
Organizing/styling them is always a challenge.
I decided that this time I would get it right!

   I went out searching for helpful hints about how to create the perfectly styled shelves.

Alas….her rules are all about clean and uncluttered…..probably not going to work for me!
But….it was worth the read for some inspiration.

This article actually gives some “rules” about visual triangles.
That’s great if your items fit the rule…..but in my case…not so much.
I will keep this rule in mind for the future.

In typical Sweetwater Style, I decided to just “go for it”.

For the past few months, I have been purchasing silver frames at the thrift store.

THRIFT STORE HINT:  Frames are a super purchase at a thrift store. The variety is great and the cost is always at least half of the sale price at a retail store.

 I decided to add family photos in these silver frames to add interest and warmth.

Yeah…I know I was supposed to be paring down, not adding to the clutter.
Oh well…..
Here is the latest re-style of those dining room shelves.
I am feeling only so so about them.

I have a few frames that still need pictures and a couple of other pieces that are being used elsewhere.
I will probably be shifting and adjusting them every time I walk into the room.

I would have to give this a “somewhat satisfied” rating.
They aren’t exactly what I want…but they will do.

 I would love suggestions from you all as to how to improve the look.

Now on to my OTHER shiny object obsession.

I read somewhere that copper is the “new” favorite metal.

My thrift store finds over the years have me right on trend.

This is the restyle of the baker’s rack with the Sweetwater Copper Collection.

Somehow, styling a smaller display is way easier….
I still don’t think I followed the rules…..
Enough is Enough!
Life is calling!

Have a Great Day!