Asymmetrical Floral Arrangement Tutorial

Loose, unstructured, asymmetrical floral designs are on trend right now.

Sweetwater Floral did the florals for a country wedding last weekend.  The bride asked for an unstructured bouquet and some added texture with little succulents tucked in.

Creating a loose, "messy" bouquet should be easy....right?
Not so is actually more difficult to let the flowers cascade and flow than to tightly fit them together in the traditional nosegay!
I guess we pulled it off though!

Here is your vocab lesson: two words starting with A.

asymmetric: adjective. not identical on both sides of a central line; lacking symmetry:

armature: a metal framework on which a sculpture is molded with clay or similar material.

There were a few flowers left after the wedding. I decided to use the leftovers along with a new bunch of carnations to create an asymmetrical arrangement.
I used a wire armature to support the stems and let them cascade. 
Flexible floral wire in pretty colors is available at the Dollar Store.
It is a simple matter to twist it around in a loopy way and tuck it into the floral foam.
This gives a pliable "frame" for the stems.
 This is the finished project.  
The stems could have just gone into the foam at an angle, but I like the way the wire supports the heavier flower heads that are cascading.
You can just barely see the wire....but I like the little glints of glitz!
I did not do a step by step of each are probably able to figure that out for yourself.
Here is a video to watch if you need "expert" advice

This is a nice text and photo tutorial from 
I hope you look at these beautiful examples of asymmetrical designs and the find inspiration to try something a little "messy" the next time you have flowers to arrange.
My style still tends to be a little structured.....but I am trying to "loosen up".
And hey....the wire can be used again next time.

Have A Great Day!