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It’s All About that VASE!

Finding the Right Vase for Your Flowers: Tips and Tricks

Selecting the perfect vase can make or break your floral arrangement.

The container you choose can either enhance or detract from the beauty of your flowers.

 Having a variety of vases in different shapes and sizes is great. Below, we’ve shared some of our favorite vase styles and where to find them inexpensively.

I thought I would share my favorite vases and where to find them on the “cheap”!
Basic Glass Containers

The dollar store is a fabulous place to find simple glass containers.
The cylinder, bowl and square vases are always a bargain.You probably have lots of these saved from bouquets you have received over the years.



A simple bunch of carnations in a round dollar store vase can have a lot of impact for around $5.00.  
Using glass beads (also a dollar store buy) in the glass squares is a simple way to anchor your stems.
Would you believe that this is just a basic dollar store cylinder?  Yup….with a couple of bands of gold “duct” tape…they look pretty elegant.   The bands of “gold” also hide the stems.

Ceramic Vases
Ceramic containers are great to use because you don’t have to worry about the stems of your flowers showing.  They are great to use with floral foam or other support structures.Thrift stores are a great source for these.  Look for collectible brands like Haeger, Fitz and Floyd or McCoy.  They have a fun mid-century vibe.There is really no limit to the shapes of ceramic vases.

I collect off-white and white Haeger and McCoy interspersed with some IKEA!!!



Metal Containers



Thrift stores have amazing options when it comes to metal containers.  

Some of my favorites are silverplate, copper and galvanized tin.

My all time favorite containers are these silverplate loving cups.  The urn shape makes them easy to use to arrange flowers.  They are also the perfect size for a 6 inch flowering plant.  There is something so elegant about the shape…and who doesn’t love silver? I found all THREE of my silver urns at the thrift shop. 


 French garden buckets are another iconic shape.  Big or small ones make perfect containers for a hand tied bouquet or more elaborate statement arrangements. I love the plain galvanized metal, but I often see them at the thrift store in really fun colors or with rustic stencils.

There you have it….all about the vase!
Hope you buy some flowers and arrange them today!
Trust me…it will make your day!