Sweetwater Floral wants you to have gorgeous flowers at a cost that is far less than you would spend using a retail florist.

If you are considering DIY Wedding Flowers, we want to provide the support you need to guarantee success and eliminate stress.


What services does Sweetwater Floral provide?

A wedding florist provides a variety of services, some of which might not be obvious at first.

  • Consultation:We meet with you to discuss your vision for your wedding—your venue, your wedding style, your desired color palette, and the types of flowers you like and dislike. Then we create a proposal which will describe the arrangements  as well as the prices.
  • Communication: We will stay in touch with you in the weeks before the wedding to be sure everything discussed has stayed the same. You can feel free to let us know if any of your plans or ideas change.

All of these things go into the total cost of your wedding flowers.


You can download this spreadsheet and calculate what the cost of your wedding flowers from a florist could cost.

You will also need to calculate around 25% more for services from the florist.

Wedding_Flower_Calculator 2