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Since I have been an elementary school teacher for years, I think it appropriate to start with some dictionary work!

style/stīl/   Noun: A manner of doing something.


1. Pleasingly graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

2. (of a scientific theory or solution to a problem) Pleasingly ingenious and simple.



1. Giving good value or service in relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent.

2. (of a person or lifestyle) Careful not to waste money or resources.


The purpose of “Sweetwater Style” is to show the ways you can combine style and elegance in economical ways.

Everyone has a “manner of doing things”.

The trick is to find ways of doing things that are “graceful in pleasing and ingeniously simple ways!

I really believe that “Style is the perfection of your point of view”.

That is not to say that things need to be perfect to be stylish…..not at all!  

One of the guiding principles of “Sweetwater Style” is not to wait for “perfect” !______________________________________________________

Whew! That sounds like I think I know it all!    NOT!

In fact, having to define and explain “my style” feels more than a little self-important a lot uncomfortable!

But I guess that is what this blogging is all about….putting yourself out there!

So if you haven’t clicked off this page yet, here are some things I try to remember:

I never feel like our house, our garden or my wardrobe is ever finished!

I remember a friend who bought her new house….had it decorated professionally….and never changed a thing for 15 years!  And after 15 years it was so dated!  Besides if I thought I was done….what reason would there be to go shopping!


I think have defined my style but I try not to be a slave to it!

I try to be open to new styles, whether in decorating or clothing.

It is fun to try something unexpected some times.  Taking the risk to “commission”  a piece of very contemporary art by my son-in-law was a little non-traditional….and it is now is the centerpiece in our traditional home.

I Reuse and Re-purpose and Rearrange!

I move the furniture from place to place. I have furniture that I have recovered 2 or 3 times rather than buy new!  I refinish or paint furniture and accessories instead of replacing them.  My Goodwill bargains are the epitome of recycling!  Your old stuff becomes my treasures!

I have a few favorites that I collect!



I collect old silverplate serving pieces, Pryex ovenware and mid-century art pottery!  My collections are growing and I don’t just put them on the shelf to look at them….I use them.

I have some tools and I know how to use them!

Sewing Machine, Serger, Cricut, Router, Electric Sander, Power Drill, Glue Gun, Air Compressor, Power Stapler, iron, leaf blower, mat cutter, computer, iPad, Smartphone, digital camera!

My husband is the one who taught me that using the right tool for the job makes the job easier….and it will turn out!   Before I learned this and became a Home Depot groupie, my projects took way longer than they needed to and were never quite right!




Being able to use these tools makes me feel empowered….get the joke?

Share Your Stuff!

If you have “stuff” like I do….share it!

My collections of silver and pottery have traveled to lots of events and parties.  Whenever one of my friends is planning an event…I invite them to the “Sweetwater Store” (the shelves in my basement)!  I love seeing my stuff being used by someone else!

My friends shopped my store for the silver trays and loving cups….the birdcage for a card holder and all the silver trays for cupcake holders….


Share Your Talents! 

I just love doing projects…..and often do them alone!

Maybe because I have been a teacher for so many years, I love teaching people how to make or do something!

 I suppose that is what this blog is….a virtual project sharing.

But it is way more fun to gather some friends and “project” together!


Have a party…. Like these

….everyone learned how to cut a mat


….Make a Holiday centerpiece

….Shop at goodwill

……Decorate for a wedding!




The best part is that we didn’t just “make stuff”…we made memories!

I love this quote by Katharine Graham- “To love what you do and feel that it matters how could anything be more fun?”

And what could be more true?

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