Propagating Basil!

I bought this nice big Basil plant at the Farmer’s Market a few weeks ago.
 It was a steal at only $5….but I knew I could stretch that into an even better bargain!
I will tell you how in a moment….
BUT….in the spirit of “the more you know”….I thought I would share a few Basil tidbits I learned this morning….
  • Basil is a member of the mint family
  • Basil was used as an embalming and preserving herb to preserve mummies of ancient Egypt…who knew….maybe we should be using this on our wrinkles!!!
  • Basil is also known as St. Joseph’s Wort
  • Basil is rich in Vitamin K and low in calories
I guess you just can’t have too much Basil…..and obviously one plant isn’t enough!
I have a way to solve that problem without buying more plants!

I always have a bunch of cuttings from the “Big Basil” plant rooting in water on the kitchen counter.

I think that this Fitz and Floyd pitcher is perfect for the task.

(Funny….this was a Good Will find some years ago….the $2.99 sticker is still stuck to the bottom)

After sitting prettily in water the cuttings soon have lots of healthy roots….

Then all you need to do is stick the cutting into some dirt somewhere…..
and like magic….multiplying plants!!!

I am already taking cuttings from the cuttings….on this plant!

These new basil plants are filling in the little bare spot left when the pesky cilantro plant went to seed!

Here are more cuttings filling in spaces in the raised bed on the deck….safe from the bunnies!
How cute is this?
I rooted a cutting from this interesting “Boxwood Basil”
 It grows in little “bushy” clumps….
when the roots formed….it looked like a little tree!
It is kind of hard to see….but I planted it next to the houses in the Fairy Garden!
Look closely to the far upper left!
Now I have a never ending supply for cooking….if I ever cooked!!
Finally….I am lusting after this beautiful water color of a Basil Plant that is for sale at this Etsy Shop…..
It is only $21….hmmmm….
maybe since I have been saving so much money NOT buying Basil plants…I can buy it!
Have A Wonderful Day!