Today is John’s Birthday….a trip to the Farmer’s Market, a bike ride and a family dinner are on the agenda for the day.
The Farmer’s Market was strangely not very crowded making for a pleasurable hour of browsing and buying.  I was very good about NOT buying more flowers….the prices haven’t come down….so I will wait until next week and grab the bargains when 2 of my favorite Nurseries-Holasek and TonkaDale will do their down dirty (pun intended) 75% off and buy one for a penny sales.

 I love the look of the market….even the gigantic chicken…..

 Aren’t these patterns amazing?  These don’t go with anything in my house, but I can still love them!

 This photo may be as close as I will get to having lilies….the darn deer have eaten almost every bud on our plants.

Here is the sum total of our purchases…..white potatoes for tonight’s dinner….fresh peas for snacking on….lemons and limes….2 lavender plants $1 each….and a $3 Zinnia that was just too nice not to buy.

 Homemade potato salad in a vintage yellow Pyrex bowl….takes me back to any number of summer celebrations from my youth.  Vintage Pyrex is yet another of my collection vices….another post on that another day!

Here are the 2 lavender plants in their new home.  Nice that I had an empty purple pot.  I added some creeping time transplanted from the yard….a little trellis and plant markers made from clay saucers….I even impressed myself with how it turned out.

Lastly……. The flower arrangement for the deck table tonight.
The candles are citronella “Popsicles” that were a gift from a friend…thanks Kim. The detail shows how I used an antique flower frog to support them.  There is floral foam under the frog to support the flowers.
I can’t wait to see it with the candles lit.

Now…to quote many of you moms out there “Get off the computer and go ride your bike…it is too nice to waste the day inside.”