DIY Wedding Flowers

Creating memories and beautiful floral designs!

How To Begin

It starts with a free consultation.
This informal meeting helps you decide if DIY flowers will work for you.  Share your vision and we will offer suggestions.  Then we will create a plan and budget.  You decide what will work for you.

Planning the details

We work with you choose all of the flowers and design details.  Our planning tool helps you to decide all the details for your wedding flowers.  At this time, you will have an estimated budget to work with.

Sweetwater Style has acess to flowers from all over.  Depending on the season, we can order specific flowers or use the ones in your garden or Farmer’s Market.  We work to find creative and budget friendly ways to have gorgeous and unique wedding flowers.

DIY Wedding Flower Party

Are you interested in making your own bouquet?

Are you afraid you don’t have the skills?

Sweetwater Floral Consultants can make it possible for you and your bridal party to create bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.
We guide, support and assist  you to do as much of the creation as you want.
We provide everything from floral tape to pins and flower snips.  No fuss, no waste – just everything you need.
This gathering becomes another memorable part of your wedding celebration!

You may also want US  to do all of the floral creation.

We will work with you to determine just what works for you.

Step Five – The Day of the Event

We can also coordinate all of the flower-related details at your event. We can provide delivery and set up of the flowers.  Each event is different.  You can specify exactly what you need from us.




Sweetwater Style is with you every step of the way.
You can “Do It Yourself” but “You are not on your own”!