No time for a long post today as we are off to southern Minnesota for a family wedding.  It will be fun to visit with family and friends.

Instead reading a post from me, take a moment to look through my blog roll.  There is some great reading and lots of inspiration to be found there. 

  • I highly recommend “The Art of Doing Stuff”  -what a great writer!  Good ideas shared in an extremely humorous voice.
  • If you haven’t visited “The Little Green Notebook”, you need to-it is the blog that got me interested in these housey blogs.
  • The “Centsational Girl” is another favorite if only to go to her blogroll-warning…you will find yourself going from one great site to another and lose track of time.

I just found this funny read that is particularly meaningful to those of us here in the Minneapolis area-
“Overheard in Minneapolis”.  Let me know what you think!

And Finally- I just added “The CheapChick” to my blog list.  This blog has a Minneapolis focus too.

Enjoy your weekend….I know we will!