I am in love with vintage ceramics…..Haeger, McCoy, Red Wing, Floraline, California Pottery, Abbingdon, and more!

I have lots….and NEVER pay more than 5 dollars for any item.
Almost all of the pieces I have come from Goodwill!
 I use them all the time for decor all around the house.

Someday I will do a whole post about this.
Today is NOT that someday!

Today is all about “Fitz and Floyd” another brand of ceramics and china!
If you don’t recognize the name…you probably recognize the style!
We first discovered this lovely brand when we decided we hated our boring white wedding china and decided to upgrade on our 10th Anniversary.  We bought a set of “Renaissance” and thought we were breakin’ the bank because they cost $12 a plate….well they are almost “antiques” now….ha ha…and are selling on eBay for $30…..but I still love them…..AND….I now love the boring wedding china too!

Fitz and Floyd China is really nice…and the classic styling means that it mixes and matches with today’s china too.  This summer I found 6 plates with dark brown rims that are perfect compliments to my daughters brown and white patterned Mikasa wedding chine…SCORE for her!

 But  Fitz and Floyd is really  more well known for their quirky decorative Holiday pieces…..here are some great examples.
I wish I owned these…..but I am  keeping an eye out on my Goodwill trips…..

But I do have THESE……

 A Great little plate for veggies!

A Wonderful little bowl that looks great with fall flowers….

This little vase sits next to the sink to with fresh herb cuttings all summer long.  Sad to think of putting it away now that the frost has hit Minnesota!

 This pumpkin is a Knock-off…but it certainly has the look of F&F don’t you think?

I have a some Easter and Christmas F&F items…..but as much as I love my blog readers….it isn’t enough to dig through the storage boxes and dig them out….SORRY!

Whenever I see a F&F item on the Goodwill shelf, I imagine the person who donated it thinking-“Who would ever want something like this?”
The answer is-ME and maybe now YOU!

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