“If life gives you limes….make Margaritas!”

One of my favorite Blog Reads is Karen over at The Art of Doing Stuff.
I love the way her voice comes through in her posts, making you laugh out loud while you are all by yourself in front of your computer!
If you haven’t visited her blog, do so immediately…and then come back over to Sweetwater!
What does this have to do with Margarita Liqueur?
Thought you’d never ask….
I thought I would try to “channel” Karen in this post…wish me luck….or at least keep reading!

Mr. Sweetwater and I had a couple of friends for dinner the other night.

Sat around the firepit and enjoyed a rare warm November evening and some beverages.
Sat around the dinner table and enjoyed some more beverages.
Finished off the evening with a few sips of my homemade Limoncello (Recipe from The Famous Beach Cottage here).

The next morning our friend called Mr. Sweetwater  with this amazing idea!
What if you took limes and tequila and used the Limoncello process to make Margarita Liqueur!?

I imagine the conversation went something like this:

J: What’s up?
G: Thanks for dinner…but I’ve been thinkin’….do you think a guy could take some limes and tequila and make that lemon stuff only so it tastes like a Margarita?
J: What lemon stuff?
G: The sweet booze stuff?
J: Oh yeah…I think a guy could do that….
G: Why don’t you have Mary make some!
J: Good idea, I’ll tell her to do that when I get home!
G: Let me know if it works!

Soooo…this morning our kitchen smelled a little like Margaritaville!
Mr. S. got us a whole pile of limes from CostCo for $5.00…
We already had cheap tequila….go figure!

Get Yourself some limes…a whole pile of them!

Peel them….the vegetable peeler works really well.  Try not to get the actual fruit…just the peel.

Put all of the peels into a glass container that has an airtight cover.
See if you can convince someone to help with all that peeling!

Pour 3 cups of Tequila over the peelings…..

 In about a week…
I will strain the lime peels out of the infused Tequila.
I will add  3 cups of Simple Syrup (3 cups sugar, 3 cups water brought to a boil)
And we shall see….You KNOW I will keep you posted!

we had a whole bunch of naked limes sitting there!
What to do?
I took the fancy new VitaMix….tossed those little guys in and let the blender take over.
The result is a wonderful slush of pure lime…..now in the freezer…
Mr. Sweetwater will make little lime cubes out of this to add to his drinks….

Ain’t it grand “what a guy could do?”

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