A water main behind the school needs repair….no water for us!
Better yet….NO SCHOOL for us!

And they are letting us work from home!

I am spending the day cleaning….my laptop files….my iPhoto library….my over loaded school email inbox!

I am updating the resources on the school website Park Spanish Immersion!

If you are interested in learning about what happens at an immersion school, or are looking for some great links to educational resources….check it out!

I am also planning some fun “Media Literacy” lessons for the week…..using Super Bowl advertising to help kids deconstruct media messages!
Helping children become media savvy is such an important thing for all adults to think about!
This is a great link that sort of explains what that is all about!

Here is kind of a fun activity that you might try with your kids:
I found it on a blog called ASIDE which focuses on teaching kids through media!
See if your kids or you for that matter can identify the logos on these images.

I would love to hear how many your kids know.
I find it amazing that even really little kids “read” these logos so well!

Sorry this was such a “teachery” kind of post…..but it IS  a work day for me after all!

Now I am off to the book store to buy copies of the winners of this year’s Caldecott and Newberry prize!

What a great job I have…..I NEED to shop for, buy and read wonderful books!

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0 comments on “An Unexpected Day Away From School!

  1. Kathleen

    Ha! We had a gas leak and they bussed the whole school to the HS for the day!

    What grade level is DEAD END?

  2. Heather

    Hi iā€™m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    lucky you! Days working at home are much more productive than at school. You don't have all the interruptions to deal with too. Glad you got everything done. God bless x