So I KNOW I am supposed to be “Using what I Have”!

Mr. S. was out hunting for fish under the ice this weekend…..
What’s a woman to do?
Go Gathering of course….and I scored big time at Goodwill yesterday!

By the time my daughter and I checked out…..our cart was full!
Wait ’til you see what we found!
On Saturday, I spent some time trying to update the family room couch pillows with fabric I had….but it didn’t go so well….nothing worked…..I hated everything I tried….and was planning to go to the fabric store to find something….

And there on the GW shelf….these wonderful pillows called to me….

They were $3.99….
There were 3 of them….
I stood there wondering whether to buy them….was it worth 12 whole dollars?
 But I figured that the inserts were worth it if they didn’t work…..

But they look amazing!  I think they have the look of Marimekko that I love!

Do you ever laugh at yourself for the internal discussion about whether to spend $10 the thrift store for something you wouldn’t hesitate to buy for 4 times that amount in a “real” store”?

Then in the basket aisle….these rattan placemats caught my eye….$1.99 each!
If I turn them upside down they will be great trivets to protect the dining room table when I have a buffet.

And this little basket for $.99… can never have too many baskets!

My Valentine decor collection is a little sparse…..and this cute little leather Heart Shaped box will be a nice addition….a $.99 find….I am thinking it will look great with some chocolates spilling out of it.

These 4 matching coffee cups…….$.49 each…..
The color is great in our kitchen.
Now I need to get rid of at least 4 mismatched ones taking up room on the shelf!

But the star of the day is this little baby!

The Rumrill sticker caught my eye!
The price was right…..$1.99
I sort of knew that Rumrill was “good”…
When I did my research I found this for sale advertised as “a rare find”!
Does anybody out there know anything more?
Do you think it is valuable?

I did take 2 big bags of clothes for donations….and only bought 2 new jackets…

Since Mr. S only caught a few fish….
I think the “hunter/gatherer” score is even!

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0 comments on “Goodwill Scores!

  1. Jen the CraftinCowgirl

    Great finds! I am long overdue for a Goodwill shopping trip!

  2. Mikalah

    I LOVE shopping at GW. Funny that you should mention the hemming and hawing over price, I do the same thing! I'm used to garage-sale prices, so sometimes GW seems "spendy," but in reality, you are still saving SO much. Great finds!

  3. Mikalah

    P.S. I stopped by from Polish the Stars. Have a great week!

  4. NanaDiana

    It looks like you made quite a haul. It is funny how you spend at GW and wonder if you should. LOL..OR I buy toooo much because it is so cheap! lol Hope you have fun with all your new treasures. xo Diana

  5. Grammy Goodwill

    Great buys. I do the same thing about the prices, mainly because Goodwill prices seem to have gone up for no apparent reason. The clothes are still priced the way they have been, but the "stuff" that I'm always looking for is much more. All that to say – you did good!

  6. Kathleen

    Good hunting! I do question the prices in the regular stores though too.
    Our thrift stores aren't very thrifty here!

  7. Tammy

    Those are some great finds! I wish we had a decent Goodwill near us. We do have a Community Outreach thrift store that's really good though, so I can't complain. Thanks for sharing 🙂